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  • What are algae?
    An alga is a term that involves many different groups of living organisms. Algae capture light energy through photosynthesis and convert inorganic substances into simple sugars using the captured energy.

  • Where do microalgae grow?
    Some algae habitats are marshes & swamps, farms, dams, hot springs, lakes, mud and sand, ponds, puddles, roadside ditches and rock pools, water reservoirs etc.

  • What are the optimum growth conditions to culture microalgae?
    Most of the microalgae grow at alkaline pH but extremophiles grows at extreme high and low temperatures.

  • How to identify algal species?
    Algae can be identified through its classification based on its morphological characters and genome sequencing.

  • What are the algal types?
    Algal can be microalgae and macro algae, which again is classified based on habitat as freshwater microalgae and macro algae.

  • What are the high oil yielding varieties of algae?
    Some of the high oil yielding varieties of microalgae are Botryococcus, Scenedesmus, Neochloris etc.

  • What is the role of algae in therapeutics?
    Microalgae like Chlorella, Spirulina can be used as antimicrobial agents, as in feed, in drugs, neuroprotective Products, antioxidants etc.

  • What are the current biofuels produced from algae?
    Biofuels like Biodiesel. Bioethanol, Methane, Biogas and Hydrogen can be produced from microalgae

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